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Lead Based Paint -- the forgotten hazard

For some home buyers, older houses are charming and have personality. The architecture is unmatched compared to modern homes and they have that "cozy home feeling". Even in these seemingly perfect homes hides an unknown harm by the name of lead-based paint. Unfortunately, lead based paint were commonly used in homes that we rebuilt or remodeled prior to 1978.

So, what does this mean for your new found 1958 farmhouse styled home, you, and your family?

Cam Wells Painting, LLC highly suggests solving the issue asap if the paint is peeling or cracking. If the paint is in relatively good condition than there is not too much of a threat and can be safely painted over. In fact many homes have layers of "good" paint over lead-based paint.

So, what exactly are the issues with lead-based paint?

If lead-based paint is digested or inhaled it can cause numerous health problems such as: damage to the body's nervous and reproductive system, cause permanent brain damage, hearing problems, and learning or behavioral difficulties. Did you know that lead-based paint and lead-contaminated dust are the most hazardous sources of lead for U.S. children?

If paint is in rough shape or if you plan on doing a major remodeling, Cam Wells Painting suggest you hire the pros in lead abatement (which, by the way, they are certified and trained to take care of lead-based paint!)

So, what exactly is lead abatement?

Lead abatement is the intent to permanently eliminate lead paint hazards from the home, building, or structure in question. During abatement, lead-safe work practices must be followed, including work-area containment to prevent lead paint dust and debris, and minimizing exposure to lead paint hazards by thoroughly cleaning the site after project completion. These lead safe steps must be conducted by an individual who has received the EPA Lead Abatement Worker certification under the supervision of an individual who has received the EPA Lead Abatement Supervisor certification (which, once again, we have!).

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